Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bike Ride 2/17/10

So this was the first ride on my new bike! The bike was great, but the ride route didn't go as smoothly as I thought it would. I found the best way from the apartment to the bike trail, on 20th and C. Once I got to 20th however, there was construction on the railroad tracks. I took the detour up to D and then down to 19th. Once I turned on 19th there was signs for the bike trail that I followed through the warehouse area and finally onto the trail. Once I got to the trail I rode along until I got to a fork, which from the directions i read last night, said to turn right. The trail entrance however, was not the entrance I had read about last night, and I ended up getting off the trail next to the construction site, where the entrance I read about actually was... At this point i didn't want to ride all the way back around to the second trail entrance so i rode around downtown for awhile. I finally turned back at Brew It Up and took H all the way home.

Total mileage: 5.73 Miles
Time: 48


  1. Sorry it didn't work out like you wanted babe. Next time...

  2. Nice ride! Glad you like the bike!