Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jess' new bike, and another bike blog from me.

Today Jess bought her bike with her tax return money, the same bike I have, the FX 7.1, but in white. So after getting her bike all set and ready to go we went for a short ride to test it out. I showed her the entrance to the bike trail, which was much easier to get to now that I knew exactly where it was! We went around midtown a bit then headed home, as it started sprinkling a bit. On the way we passed a girl scout with her mom, hauling a wagon full of girl scouts cookies door to door. Neither of us had cash but when we got home I grabbed my cash and sped back down G street towards where we saw her. sadly, I could not find her, as she was either gone because it was raining or because she turned down another street. This added a good 3/4 miles to my trip today bringing me up to 6 today and 11.5 total on my new bike! I still want my girl scout cookies though...


  1. Lesson learned - always take a little cash out on a ride with you! Girl scout cookies would have been a nice treat after the ride!

  2. There were girl scouts at Lowes on Friday night. Check after work next Friday.