Friday, March 19, 2010

Inspiring guest, and goal

Today a guest came through my work, that really inspired me in cycling. When he first pulled in I first saw the trailer hitch cover which was a guy on a road bike. I thought this was pretty cool, the I started putting in his license plate and was contemplating what it meant. His plate said "BYKD C2C". At first I didn't get it, then his license frame said "That Is 3410.7 Miles". I realized this guy has rode his bike from one coast, to the other. I had to talk to this guy! We talked about how long it took him and how long he trained, the entire ride took him 35 days with a few days rest here and there.

This guy has inspired me to not only train and look for a short term goal, but also set a long term goal, something that will keep me motivated to keep pushing and training after I've passed one short term goal after another. just like my mom, who wanted to lose weight, had short term goals of 10 pounds here and there, but the long term was 100 pounds, which she finally reached. below are two of the goals I have set for myself, one short term, another long term.

My short term goal is to the Metric ride (60 miles) at the Tahoe Sierra Century. On September 25th. below is the link to the ride page.

Tahoe Sierra Century

My long term goal is the AIDS Life cycle. this event will most likely be 2-3 years in the future, not only because of the distance, but the large monetary donation that is required. This event requires a monetary donation minimum of $3,000, which, I am sure I can raise part of, but will most likely have to pay a large amount of myself. The entire race is over 7 days and covers 566 miles from San Fran to LA. The ride is amazing and will be an amazing experience, and a great long term goal. Here is a link to their site.